The Special Response Diver Course is an intensive 5 day course designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of public safety divers. The course will combine classroom instruction with practical in-water application. The student will be exposed to tasks that directly relate to public safety diving like, dive team management and organization, selection of search patterns, equipment configuration, basic crime scene investigation and preservation, vehicle extrication, inspections of boat hulls, bridge, piers, docks and much more.

This course will give any diver an excellent foundation as a public safety diver that will make them a valuable asset to any team!

Course cost $1200

DIVE TENDER 5 Days/40 hrs

The purpose of this program is to train and certify a team member that is not intending to perform the underwater searches as a diver. This is a critical support role for the team as each person, whether diving or not should learn basic underwater search and recovery, use of search pattern signals, equipment configuration, and dive team management. Usually, NAPD instructors offer this course to team members who want to learn along side the divers going through training. This is also a great option for a non-diving team supervisor or coordinator.

Course cost $800



In underwater investigations, documentation is everything. As a public safety diver, you know that what’s easy on land becomes complicated underwater. The Crime Scene Photography Course will help you by giving you a simple process to follow when recording underwater crime scenes. Register today and set yourself up for more successful underwater investigations!

Course cost $250



Taking what you know as a Special Response Diver, the Advanced Recovery Techniques course pushes your abilities as a search and recovery diver to a whole new level! You will get experience with lift bags, a better understanding of using multiple heavy duty wreckers, and how to successfully recover everything from cars to planes to earth movers. Advanced decomposition body recoveries will also be addressed with practical in water training scenarios.

This course will take your underwater recovery confidence from, “Um…” to “Let’s get to work!”

Course cost $800



Multiple dive scenes, massive search areas, divers from different agencies; these are all managed by a Dive Scene Commander.
Learn directly from the NAPD leadership in this 5 day course that equips an SR Diver with the tools and knowledge to handle large scale searches, how to integrate multiple divers from different agencies into an investigation, and other skills like:

  • Establishing SOP’s for media relations
  • Creating recovery zones
  • How to conduct ISTOP at multiple dive scenes

Course cost $1500



This course is designed to help heavy duty wrecker operators be more successful in dealing with underwater recoveries. The operator will learn what the recovery diver is dealing with underwater, and safe procedures that they can implement with their rigs. This one day course will certify the heavy duty wrecker operator with a 2 year certification from the NAPD, and will equip them to better assist special response divers with underwater recoveries.

Course cost $250


NAPD INSTRUCTOR 2 Weeks/80 hrs

The purpose of this program is to train and certify an individual, who is already a certified NAPD Diver and a certified Scuba Instructor, in the procedures to teach the NAPD Diver curriculum.

Call for application

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