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Improve and Standardize Police Recovery Diving
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Regular training is critical for divers in all fields, particularly in Recovery Diving. We believe that proper training increases safety and success. To this end, we host courses several times a year primarily in Georgia, Florida, and Texas. However, we have instructors located from Washington State to New York and down the length of the United States. Several of our instructors are also willing to travel in order to bring high quality training to departments and agencies.

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While we do have training that takes place all across the United States and some even Internationally, our primary training locations are in Miami, Florida and Brunswick, Georgia. If you want more information, please click on the picture above to find out more about each location.

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We are excited to start developing this Resources section of our site for you. This will be a place for you to access free resources to better prepare and equip you for underwater recovery missions.

About Us

The Leader In Police Recovery Diving since 1988
"equipping SR divers for success and a safe return"

The National Academy of Police Diving (NAPD) is a non-profit, self-regulating body, dedicated to the establishment and maintenance of standards of practice for all Special Response (SR) Diving. SR Divers include police, fire, military, government agency teams, and other recovery or public safety divers. The NAPD is concerned with SR diver safety, state-of-the-art diving techniques, training, methodologies, and underwater investigations. The Academy's goals are to promote the safety and welfare of its members who engage in underwater search and recovery.

  • Training in real environments prepares divers for actual searches and the challenges divers will face

  • After clearing the search area, an NAPD diver has either found the object or knows that it is not in that location


core leaders and instructors

Michael Gast

President and Founder

Paul Toy

Board of Directors and Co-Founder

Joel Talley

Executive Director

Rey Ruidiaz

Board of Directors

Rusty Whiting

National Training Director

Daniel Beck

Board of Directors

Samuel Cadreau

Board of Directors

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Board of Directors