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From simple search & recovery to large scale investigative operations, our training will increase your safety and success.


“I learned more in two hours than I did in three days of my PSD class.”  -Ed D. Firefighter


Each course is designed to take your team to the next level.


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Dive teams all over the country struggle to get started, to gain traction, or to be successful. They get caught up in having the most certifications or the glitz and glam of new equipment, and they lose focus on what really matters to making a dive team great…training. Getting in the water and doing it.

I understand the feelings and frustrations of these dive teams that are looking to improve themselves as divers. They don’t know who to choose to train them in this over marketed world. This is why the NAPD was formed. We help public safety dive teams be successful. We bring the knowledge and experience to the training, not just a book. We can’t perform the search, the recovery, the investigation. That’s your job. But we can help to equip you with solid, experienced based training.

Our training may start and end with a course, but the support from the NAPD continues. Special Response Divers and their teams have access to resources, tools, and coaching from the NAPD. We believe in the hard, important work that public safety dive teams do, and we want to help these teams go out each day and find success.

The SRD course is the first step to creating a competent and effective dive team. I believe in what this course can do in helping your dive team be successful.

Jordan Harvell
Executive Director